Tree Maintenance


Precision Tree & Shrub can analyze, determine and recommend various methods of plant care to maintain or improve the health of your plant. We consider the landscape as a whole when deciding how to best care for your plants.

Precision Tree & Shrub controls plant problems through careful monitoring of the landscape environment to determine the causes of plant stress. Improper planting, maintenance and overall matching of the plant's requirements are taken into consideration. Because of this, every program is "customized" to fit your property and expectations in the Holly, Brighton, & surrounding MI areas.


Pine Wilt is a vascular disease that affects Scots Pine, Austrian Pine, Jack Pine, Mugo Pine, Red Pine and White Pine. The needles remain attached to the tree but turn a grayish green and then to a yellow brown. The early stages of the disease are very subtle and may vary. If the tree does not respond to treatment it must be removed to prevent spreading to other pine trees.

Chlorosis is a tree disease that inhibits the production of chlorophyll - the green pigment of leaves. Chlorosis is quite easy to diagnose because the leaves are lighter in color, usually a light green and in more severe cases they are yellow. Most chlorotic trees have a mineral deficiency. Oak Trees are quite often lacking iron and Maple Trees are quite often lacking manganese. Precision Tree & Shrub will determine if the tree has a healthy root system to ensure that it is manufacturing food for the leaves. Please call us if you feel your trees are showing symptoms of chlorosis.

Oak Wilt is caused by a fungus that affects the water conducting vessels of all species of Oak Trees. The fungus disrupts water movement to the crown and the leaves eventually wilt and fall off. Leaves normally fall before they have completely browned. Oak Wilt can spread quickly between adjacent trees and by beetles. Precision Tree & Shrub can assess your Oak Trees that are dropping leaves prematurely. Please call us promptly if you feel your Oak Trees may have Oak Wilt and we can isolate the diseased trees from the healthy trees.

The Emerald Ash Borer is a lethal insect that kills ash trees by destroying the tree's water and nutrient conducting vessels. Initial signs of diseased Ash Trees include a general yellowing and thinning of the foliage as well as an increased presence of woodpeckers. If you suspect your Ash Tree is infected, please call Precision Tree & Shrub.

Beech bark disease causes defects and may kill American Beech Trees. The bark is attacked and altered by the beech scale and then invaded and killed by fungi. The scale insect can be seen on the bark and the white wax secreted by the beech scale is the first sign of the the disease. Call Precision Tree & Shrub if you suspect Beech Bark Disease.

If you want a yard filled with beautiful trees, you need to keep up with tree maintenance. Contact Precision Tree & Shrub Services, Inc. today to schedule tree trimming and pruning services in Holly, Brighton, and surrounding MI areas.

Regular tree maintenance is important because it:

  • Helps your trees stay strong and healthy
  • Prevents severe tree damage during a storm
  • Keeps harmful pests away from trees

Help your trees stay in great shape—call (810)-750-1075 now to make an appointment for tree pruning or trimming in Holly, Brighton, and surrounding MI areas. 

Completed ornamental shaping of our Brighton customers dappled willow

Completed ornamental shaping of our Brighton customers dappled willow