Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to prune?
Most trees can be pruned year around - however, Oak, Elm and certain Birch Trees should be pruned in the Fall or Winter when they are dormant to avoid insect and fungal infestation. Generally speaking, growth is maximized and wound closure is fastest if pruning takes place before the spring growth flush. Precision Tree & Shrub works throughout the Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall.

How often should trees be pruned?
Ornamental trees should be pruned every 1-2 years and larger trees should be pruned every 3 years for health, safety and appearance. Storm damage branches should be pruned out as soon as possible.

What does fully insured mean?
Precision Tree & Shrub is fully insured for liability and workman's compensation insurance which is a State requirement as well as a crucial feature of any contractor. It provides peace of mind for our homeowners, as well as our employees. Insurance costs for workers in this industry are extremely high because of the nature of our work. We promote safety in all aspects of our business as a promise to our employees and customers alike. By emphasizing safety through certifications - The Electrical Hazards Awareness Program (EHAP), The Certified Treecare Safety Professional (CTSP) program - regular training, as well as our daily culture, we work to go home intact at the end of the day and to keep costs down. Please don't hesitate to request a copy of our current insurance certificate to be sent to your home. (Quickest and most common is by fax or email.)

How long have you been in business?
Precision Tree & Shrub has over 20 years of experience. Our goal is to provide exceptional tree and shrub services at a fair price to the residents of Southeastern Michigan.

How long does a typical job take to complete?
We are a very safe company in a dangerous business. Our customers have been pleased with the time we took relative to the degree of difficulty of their service. We always treat emergencies as top priority particularly when a tree has fallen on a house and it may not be sealed to weather. Several small oriental trees may take 1-2 hours or a large tree removal may take a full day or more.

How is scheduling of tree work handled?
When our estimator or office receives your Authorization Work Contract, our Production Manager will contact you. A day and approximate time will be set-up, however, please note that sometimes regularly scheduled work may be cancelled on short notice due to dangerous weather or the emergency needs of others. We make every effort to complete customer's tree work in a timely fashion while prioritizing safety.

Do you only work on specific trees?
Precision Tree & Shrub works on small ornamentals to the largest mature trees. You can count on us to give you professional care and service for each and every job - no matter how small or large.

What is your credit policy?
Precision Tree & Shrub commonly requests a 10% deposit to schedule work. If an estimator has discussed credit terms with you, then it will be described in detail on the Authorization Work Contract. Payment for completed work is generally expected upon completion. Our crew leader will review your work to assure that each item on our contract is completed satisfactorily.

What happens if I believe that Precision Tree & Shrub's crew may have damaged something on my property?
Please bring your concerns to the crew leader as soon as possible. Keeping our great reputation is important to us. We will do our upmost to make things right if damage occurs in the course of our work. Please read "Important Information" on the back of our proposal about turf and driveways.